Patrik Herlet
3 years ago

I was recommended to tie a version of Vaskebjörn with only three hackles and put the eyes a little further towards the hookeye. Here's the result☺ I'm pleased - but the butt looks rather naked now??

Vaskebjörn med CdL
- Partridge CS54 #4
- UNI thread TAN / red 6/0
- Seals fur red
- Beadchain eyes black medium
- SLF sand
- Coq de Leon cream

#seatrout #havsöringg #havsöringsflugaa #Sjøørretet #Sjøørretfluerer #Meerforelle #Meerforellenfliege

Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

I think this version works well.

Patrik Herlet
3 years ago

I hope so Martin - Time will tell ☺👍

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