Michael Mc Brien
2 years ago

Hook: TMC 200R sz16
Tail: Elk hair
Abdomen: Burnt orange possum & tan hackle
Wing: possum tail
Thorax: SLF & grizzle hackle

#stonefly #twigwater #dryfly

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

This looks great Michael. Does this represent any specific insect? Size 16 is great.

Michael Mc Brien
2 years ago

Some of my twig waters here have plenty of tan/orange stone flys with dark mottled wings. Small dark stimmys seem to do the trick.

Jason Michael
2 years ago

The west branch of what river?

Michael Mc Brien
2 years ago

Majority of the streams in my neck of the woods flow N/S so pretty much all have a West Branch. Bit of a long haul from your part of the world Jason but if you are ever over this way let me know and I'll draw you a mud map. Not being coy just don't think twig waters and social media platforms happily co-exist.

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