Wil’s Worm
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

Wil posted a worm pattern tied on a Kahle hook that caught my eye. Had to try a few and add a few variations to his original. I’ve not fished any of these but think Wil is on to something good here.

Upper right: my copy of Wil’s original “Mohawk cut” style.
Lower right: multi wrapped hackle version no clip
Upper left: red tinsel body, heavy collar hackle, bead
Lower left: thinner tinsel body, multi wrap short collar
Bottom: arm wearying version. Multi, multi wrap hackle

1 year ago

They look amazing @trublubug

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

Thanks Wil, just a copy with variations of your original. Those wooly buggers you posted on the Kahle’s are next on my list. Too nice to not copy them as well.

CJ Cole
1 year ago

This would work well in my area if they were chartreuse with black hackle/white hackle.

Young fly master
1 year ago

Mmm tasty

1 year ago

Look good Bill

John Summers
1 year ago

Looks good bill and wil

Eric löhr
1 year ago

looks really nice Bill

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