Zebra Caddis
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

Macronema zebratum.

If you are fortunate to have these in your waters, they can cause heavy hatches and “pig-like” feeding in the shallow edges.

One trick I’ve learned is to toss these into a quiet back-eddy and let it sit a bit. Then strip one long strip (12-16”) so the fly “motorboats” over the water. Then rest it again.

There are two versions here. Basically only one difference in them. The body material I prefer for most waters is an amber superfine dry dubbing. This works well in most of my streams for trout. The other uses a brighter ice dub for the body. Works better (for me anyway) in still water or when fishing for smallmouth bass. Ice dub version has been unbelievable on smallies.

This is a BIG fat bodied fly. Sizes 8-12 3 XL shank hooks. (I prefer 10’s). To add to the floatation on these, I use a foam underbody and cover it with the dubbing.

Hook: 8-12 3xl, Underbody: foam, either a 1/32 “ diameter cylinder or a wrapped foam strip. Body: overwrap the foam with amber superfine dub (or shrimp orange ice dub). Legs: 2-3 turns of brownish red hackle, wound on then clipped off at top. Wing: foam electronics wrapping material colored with a yellow orange Pantone pen. Horns: any stiff hair you prefer, this is peccary because it fell out of the box and into the floor while I looked for the moose LOL. Head: 50/50 blend of brown and amber superfine dub.

Posted a similar fly previously that I called “Summer Sedge”. This is a slightly improved version of that one.

Michael Scarpino
2 years ago

Yes! Good job Bill. Tasty little treats for fish.

2 years ago

Beautiful caddis Bill 😃🎣

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

Thank you gentlemen.

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago


Shane Schuster
2 years ago

Good looken fly Bill

Kenan Haseta
2 years ago

Beautifull Bill...Congrats

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